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In order to facilitate the use of our website and make it more pleasant, we use "cookies". Cookies are small text files enabling us to compare new and previous visitors and understand the way they use our website. By using the cookies, we receive data enabling us to make further visits to our website more pleasant and effective.

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Cookie management

The decision on the use of cookies is yours to take. By continuing to use the website you agree with the use of the cookies. You may control and manage the use of cookies in your browser's settings. The settings vary according to the browser used:

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It is possible that you will have to disable web cookies again after deleting cookies from your browser or upgrading your browser. Cookies settings vary between browsers. To learn how to manage your cookies, please visit the website of the browser concerned.


Cookies used

The website uses the following web cookies:

Cookie Name Purpose Validity
  Operation of Facebook plug-in 2 months
  Operation of the chat 3 months
  Operation of the website 2 years
  Operation of video player 1 year
  Views analytics, 
Website views statistics
6 months