Return Policy

The return policy on this page applies to all orders placed on

In case you are not satisfied with the purchased product, you have 30 days of receiving the product to return the product or request an exchange for a new product. No returns or exchanges are possible if you miss this deadline.

The item you want to return or exchange must be undamaged. You must also enclose the original and intact packaging with all accessories. From the moment you cancel the contract, you may no longer use the item.

If we find that the customer has carried out a view and test of the product, before submitting the application for cancelling the contract, to the extent necessary to determine the actual state of the product, the claim will be successfully resolved, otherwise it will be partly resolved or unresolved.

The exception to contract cancellation are the products that may not be returned due to hygienic reasons (e.g. opened cosmetic and other products that come into direct contact with skin; protective face masks already tested by the customer). For such goods of hygienic nature that is sold in sealed package, the contract cancellation and refund are only possible if the customer returns the goods in their original, undamaged and sealed package. If we receive such products in a damaged or unsealed package, we reserve the right to reject the customer’s claim for contract cancellation and refund.


How to return the product

Please inform us in writing within 30 days of receiving the product that you want to cancel the contract. You should submit the return form available here. After submitting the return form, you will receive all the necessary information regarding your return to your email. Within 30 days of submitting the return form, you must send the item you wish to return to our company address.

The cost of sending the returned product is borne by the customer.

The purchase fee will be refunded or the product will be exchanged no later than within 14 days of receiving the notification of contract cancellation.



In case of contract cancellation when the payment method chosen by the customer was payment on delivery with cash or credit or debit card, the refund will be performed via bank transfer. For this purpose, the company NextLevel needs the information on the customer’s bank account that the customer may send via regular, registered, or electronic mail. In case no information on the bank account is provided despite several reminders, the company NextLevel reserves the right to issue a voucher in the value of the returned goods.


Warranty claims

If you notice any damage to your product or your product is not working properly, you may file a warranty claim. Items with warranty are provided with a warranty certificate or with a warranty listed on your invoice. If the warranty is not included or there is no information of the warranty on the invoice, the product has no warranty or no information of the warranty is available at the moment. All electrical products and equipment in our range have a two-year warranty.

Warranty claims may only be filed for hidden defects that were not caused by the customer’s impact. Warranty claims may not be filed in the case of:

  • normal wear and tear,
  • mechanical damage,
  • defects or damage to the product that resulted from an improper, inadequate and negligent use.

The product and all accessories must be returned in perfect condition in the original, intact packaging. Otherwise, the complaint will be dismissed or resolved only partially.

Before returning the product to us, you should submit the warranty claim form available here. After submitting the warranty claim form, you will receive all the necessary information regarding the further processing of your warranty claim to your email.

The cost of sending the returned product is borne by the customer.

The complaint will be resolved no later than 45 days after submitting the warranty claim form.